Day 1

Fantastic start, we hit the ground running after 2 hours sleep.  Lots of success on the rowing lake for the kiwis as you know but ROUGH water.  Which is apparently going to be the norm.  Very challenging and affected rowing results dramatically.  George racing again on Monday in repicharge..  We have got fantastic seats in the friends and family stand right at the finish line and fun to be amongst kiwi family's watching their kids winning.  Rio is fantastic, none of us have even put insect repellent on and I went for a swim yesterday just couldn't help myself.  We are at Epenama beach where the rowing is and it is fantastic, not touristy at all but crazy none the less.  We understand Rio has been cleaned up hugely in alot of ways for the games, much to the delight of the locals.   Hot as hayleys, the beach is hilarious, not a skinny chick to be seen just lots of bronzed booty.  Lots of security around but think they are more interested in having their pics taken than anything else.