Day 5

Rowing cancelled yesterday terrible weather so shopping(fab) and a trip out to the Olympic village, on their new metro which is only open for ticket holders.  Alot of stuff is sort of half finished, lots of ready lawn thrown around but the village was impressive.  Tons of people, ONE COFFEE SHOP, which had a queue a mile long.  Couldn't get tickets anywhere but was good to see it all.  Not many Brazilians speak English and the Portuguese language is not at all instinctive like French and Italian.  You just can't communicate sometimes, but there is usually an English speaking person around that can help out.  The atmosphere in and around the venues is fantastic, lots of camaraderie and good vibes.  Everyone in their countries colours, Aussies are the loudest and hilarious.  Ended up at the Kiwi Club at the Sheraton, the hub of all sports and where the who's who of NZ sport congregate.  Richie was there and I asked one guy what his involvement was "minister of Sport"  Duh !!!!!  Everyone a bit shocked with the Sevens but the Womens Sevens have been partying for the past few nights at the Club.  Lots going on today with many sports,  hopefully a few medals will emerge from rowing, and George rowing in their B finals.