SILVER !!!!!!!!!

The morning starts as usual with a quick walk from our digs at Ipenema via the café.  Superb coffee here.  Mahe Drysdale cruised into win his semi followed by Emma Twigg qualifying well 2nd place.  Then we had an awesome race to get SILVER in the Womens Pair.  Genevieve Behrent and Rebecca Scowndid us proud, a very emotional Mum, brother and boyfriend held their breaths (pic below) and the joy on the girls faces was just gorgeous.  I was sitting next to an Italian family whose son got bronze, as I have said before its just amazing to sit beside these families who live the sport with their kids and see them succeed. Go Italia et allez chic Francais.    Nice to see my next favourite country Canada on the dais today.   John and I managed to score tickets to the track cycling out at the Olympic village.  It was awesome, soooo exciting.  Cheered on several kiwi teams who got very close to a medal.  Out at the velodrome once again everytime a Russian team was announced or won a race there was absolute silence.  We have encountered everywhere either silence or booing with anything Russian.   A pretty clear message to the IOC.   Also we are now experiencing several thefts and a few scams with credit cards used on ATM’s.  John got done for nearly $2000 on a bank, guarded ATM.  While we are all having fun we can’t get complacent, we are in Rio!!